I know there are a huge pile of books written about time management. I don’t think that I will say something new. But I just want to describe my own experience that I gained.


First,  that I understood is that you can plan your day perfectly and have a plenty of free time at the same day. (Even though the combination of these two factors are already quite fantastic. :))  But if you felt exhausted and crappy in this particular day, all your great plans, apparently, would be ruined by the banal lack of motivation and inner energy. So, from my own experience I want to give an advice to you and also to myself 🙂


Humans need to take proper rest: physical and psychological. Good physical rest can be provided by good sleep. Good psychological rest is more complex and depends from individual traits of character. But still, I think, there can be given some general recommendations. Everybody needs a place to slow down. Place where you can be yourself.


The second, is to stay motivated on the long run. Americans call this trait of character: grit.  I think, you often notice, that when you start something new, at first your interest is immensely high. But with time, interest disappears and gives way to boredom and routine. Is it familiar picture? 🙂 yeah, and for me too. So, how to stay motivated?


For me the main reason to stay motivated was the imagination of final result. I liked to imagine what it would be like to achieve my goal. I usually  enjoy simply from the work process, from the process of creation something new.


Also the lack of money is a good reason to improve professional skills, right? )


And the third, if you motivated to the long run, than you wouldn’t waste time. You have to learn how to adequately estimate your resources for achieving your goals. But I realized from my own experience, that when you catch the drive of motivation,  your brain will automatically calculate the necessary time intervals, optimal resources and sequence of actions to make your goals come true.


And forth, when you felt exhausted and lost, just remember the feeling when you win. Relive this moment and let it inspire you.  Because We don’t have time and extra resources to just sit around and talk about our feelings. We need to act and built your own life and our own success.



Yeah, life is very complex. But so interesting. 🙂