There was hot spring day in the city of Kernam, Iran.  Today is the 25th of April but temperature is above 30 degrees of Celsius even in the morning! And it’d become hotter till afternoon. I am not muslim but I wear hijab with great pleasure because of mercilessly scorching sun.

I’ve already packed my small luggage. I like to travel light. It’s convenient and practical.

Now I have several hour to wander around the city, watch closer the culture flavour and local market, named Bazar, buy some souvenirs for my friends and for my memory about this incredible place.
Really, I fall in love with this place: this culture, people and atmosphera. It seems like  life here has been standing still since centuries unchanged. Friendly locals, tasty natural food, leisurely pace of life and business. On the Bazar, the heart of local social and economics life, your will find all kinds of products of craftsmen: copper ware and ceramics, amazing multi colored carpets and exquisite handmade clothing. And much more: unique jewellery, shoes, utensils.

The historical value of local architecture mostly consists of mosques, hamams and ruins of ancient military forts with all mysterious and charming oriental ornaments and patterns.

I was fall in love with this serene city. Here the rhythm of life is natural, not artificial, like as from immemorial times. Here my mind calmed down from the bustle of the huge modern metropolises.  

Today was my last day here on this hospitable but mysterious land. I had spend almost year of archeological research at the vicinity of the Kerman city on the ruins of an old temple and fort. I was assisting to Garry Milton professor of archeology and my old friend. I was always caught by ancient mysteries and perceived archeology like  adventurous hobby. So, now you know it, archeology is one of my hobbies 🙂

So let me introduce myself further. My name is Ella Florence. I am 26 years old and I am a software developer and computer scientist. IT and archeology, you might say, are very different areas. But I have quite contradictory personality and, moreover, complex, stubborn and self-willed character. 🙂  

I left my hotel room and went to the central square. I wanted to buy several little souvenirs, mostly jewellery and ceramics for my friends. After walking a bit around the market, I had bought almost everything I wanted. My eyes fell on the counter which I hadn’t seen here before. I was intrigued. I adjusted the shawl better and went toward the jewellery shop. But suddenly slender middle-aged silent man with dark hair and eyes came out from shop and walked towards me. He was dressed in white kandura (or thobe), his head was covered with  white turban. Unintentionally, I noticed (my gaze captured), that he had fine features, kind but sly eyes.

I stopped.  He walked closer, smiled and said: «Good afternoon miss Ella. I’ve heard about you, so please, go with me. I have something special for you.»

Now I was really surprised. “Hello” I replied. “How do you know my name?”

Silent man half-smiled. “I heard about you, know something. You are a scientist and you helped professor Garry Milton.”

“Do you know professor Milton? But how?” I asked

“Be patient.” my astute companion half-whispered ”He mentioned, that you are very curious and eager. Professor helped us: me and my people. We were searching for the ancient artifacts that refer to old legend of my country. It is a long story.”

“But professor had made very complex and multidirectional research.”

“Right. And one part of this research was …”

“Confirmation of the legend of the golden light…” I unintentionally finished his sentence.

“Exactly!” man agreed. “By the way my name is Sarda-shah Farhad al’Daniel. This is the full name. My friends call me Sarda.”

“Well, at least now I know your name” I noticed thoughtfully. “And you imply that you attitude is friendly.”

“The best friend of my friend, is my friend” Sarda smiled again. He has a very charming but mischievous smile, I should say. And he was quite handsome.

“Ok, mr Sarda. I’ll go with you with my pleasure.” I said.

“Very well. Please, follow me” And he guided me towards his counter.  There was quite nice inside and spacy, several illuminated shelves with a variety of jewelry, 2 or 3 tables with different figurines and statues.
“Wait me here, please. I will bring something for you.” Sarda told me.

“Of course”.

And he disappeared somewhere in the back of the room. I was waiting maybe 5 minutes but  that was enough to notice specific casket and statues belonged to Akhemenidian culture. And the legend about golden light referred to the same period.

The main idea of legend is that the several sunlight stones were thrown by gods on Earth accidentally. These stones are hiding great powers. But only chosen people can unleash it with their kind heart, high morality and care for those who needs help, with all good and decent traits.

I was in my thoughts when Farda appeared in the room again. He smiled at me and handed the necklace with round-shape golden stone hanging on it. I looked at Sarda questioningly.

“This is the little present from me and Garry to you.” Sarda said.

“But why Garry itself say nothing for me? As he had left the Iran 4 month ago I didn’t hear anything from him. I tried to contact him but all his telephones are silent… and”

Farda took my hand and looked right into my eyes. “I understand you. Believe me, I can’t answer to all your questions. Garry asked me and I promised him that I’ll stay silent. I just can tell you that this is about his new research. Garry also told me that he appreciate your friendship and that you helped him immensely. And this necklace a little present as gratitude and as a talisman for you. Garry said that I need to hand you this necklace right in an appropriate moment.  Do you believe me?” Farda said with worry

I was doubtful for a moment.  “Well, you know a lot, Farda-shah. I should tell you I do not see any logical reason not to believe you.” I took the necklace from his hand and I put a chain around my neck. “Thank you for your concern but now I have to go to the airport.” I smiled at Farda. “This necklace fits your perfectly” he noticed as if in between. “Will you remember your visit here?” suddenly Farda asked.

“Of course I will! Iran is a great, hospitable, beautiful country with amazing heritage and kind people. Why did you ask?” I wondered.

“Honestly, I do not know” Farda replied. And unwittingly I believed him.

“So, goodbye Farda-shah. This was interesting meeting.” I smiled at him. “I will remember you.”

“Goodbye, Mrs Ella. I will remember you too. Because the best friend of my best friend is my friend.” He shook my hand.

“And my friend also…”

I nodded slightly and  left the room. Oh shit! Now my mood was crappy. Before this meeting I had such a delight but now I felt sad, I don’t know why. Because of the Farda? That is just crazy! Yes, because of the Farda