Main traits of character of software developer and main reason, why I am a software developer.

Well, you know, programmers are quite strange people. Mostly because they need to have special way of thinking, good memory, ability to analyze and classify different entities. After that programmers usually convert this entities into abstract terms and implement them with programming language. It demands high level of concentration, educational background, ability to see uncommon ways of deciding problems. And, what is more important, the ability to create something entirely new.

For me process of programming is catching and hard at the same time. Hard because it demands many my psychological resources. Catching because when I create some programm I feel myself true creator. And this is the main reason why my profession gives me so much drive. Also because I have to learn something new ALL OF THE TIME.

The second reason, why, is because I feel how I grow professionally. This also gives me such deep feeling of pleasure and delight. Identity capital begets identity capital. For example, I want to learn english to advanced level because of crave to read technical and inspiring articles in the original.

What the process of creation programs is?

Programming is a way of life, a state of soul. I tried to explain shortly above why programming gives me such drive.

Lets see how many steps contains the process of making program.

  • Analysis of the subject area.
  • Selection of main terms and connection between them
  • Creating diagrams that describes basic arrangement elements of system
  • Optimization of arrangement
  • Choosing suitable tools and platforms for realisation
  • Writing code

All of this steps are quite complex and usually  badly formalized. I understood from my experience that successful fulfilling of each step can be achieve as a result of some professional level. For the majority of people creation of programs can seem quite boring. That is why not everyone can be develotep.

Negative sides of being programmer.

It demands much of my health. Sitting almost all day besides the computer’s monitor is challenging. Also it is the lack of movement. And sometimes I forget to eat because the catching process of developing.

Also you need to have a wide range of general knowledge in IT-industry and at the same time know excellent in one, usually quite narrow, area of knowledge.  For example, you can be expert and professional in just one of these area: web, databases, hi-load, neural networks and many others. Because usually human resources are limited.

And you have to learn all of the time. But for me it more a positive than negative.