When I was young I was most afraid of becoming boring, stupid coach-potato in maternity leave. I was afraid of losing my professional skills, my pursuit of knowledge, my shares of perception, I was afraid, that I would become uninteresting to my husband and indifferent to his life because incredible tiredness, exhaustion and monotonous.

But, let’s determine the main terms.

If we will analyse the topic only by this, professional, side, we certainly would fail. Because in maternity leave usually woman abandon her career and pay attention to another, very important aspects of life. Maybe even more important (immensely = very): bringing up new life.  

On the other hand, our life consists not only from career. It includes much more. Family, social interaction with government and civil structure such as hospitals, kinder garden, school, … In this period I had met so many different people and understood life much better than, I suggest, would understand through career.

First reason because my motivation become natural. I understood that earlier I motivate myself artificially. No, I wanted to achieve high professional and financial results. But easier in my life I have much more free time. But in maternity leave my time resources become very restricted. One famous man said: «If you want to achieve great things you need 2 things: plan and not enough time». Isn’t that true?

So, when I felt that lack of free time but the same amount of ambition, I understood, that I need to become self-disciplined, persistent, set clear goals and not to abandon my principles. Isn’t life usually teach us exactly these lessons, my dears?

In short, I realised that life is sophisticated, tricky, cruel but so much driven. And, please notice, all this, I realise, through my maternity leave. Honestly, I didn’t perceive life with such depth and passion. I discover myself, my true potential, my true strength. And I’m continuing to do it every day. It is intoxicating and inspiring me. I discovered what is really interesting for me, my true hobbies and what is really gave to recharge my inner batteries and mind: learning new languages, science and playing piano.