Well, now all elations a bit had faded away. And everyday routine has returned. Quite monotonous routine. All members of your family have returned to their familiar lifestyle. But your accustomed lifestyle will have never returned again. Right  now you is staying on whole new stage of life.

Yes, now you have received a bunch of new unfamiliar responsibility, new level of duty. And you can’t avoid it. All it burden has just fallen on you. But don’t be afraid or scared!!! It is sacred duty. When I became mommy and I felt tired, I reminded to myself, that now I had received a duty like an officer in the army. This duty is really sacred and honourable. I just need to accustom to it. And I need time that mean I need to be patient.

(And it is so cute and yummy to play and kiss, and be busy with little awesome kid :))

But still, sometimes you can feel, that something is missing inside of you… And this, I believe, is quite natural thing. You can feel unsettled. There can be several reasons:

  •  lack of free time for yourself or your hobby
  •  lack of free time just for some pleasant trifles.
  •  lack of rest
  •  lack of understanding.
  •  lack of sleep-time
  •  lack of motivation after all.

Regardless what is the true reason is I can highlight some tips for you form my own experience. Here they are.

  1. Nature itself will tell you how to act and you will understand it intuitively. Really. It is not a myth, I should tell you! So, listen to yourself carefully.
  1. Ok. But despite this advice, here is something more.
    Your time and physical capacity are limited. So, try to use your resources wisely and rationally, because you will have to do a lot of things.
  2. I am sure you  will learn time management intuitively. Use this ability and allocate your time, plan it.
  3. You will need to master some self-discipline if you want to do a little more.
  4. You will need to organise not only your own daily schedule, but think about your husband and what he will have to do. It is very important and please don’t be offence by this. Because now you is setting the order in the house and he instinctively  waits for your hints and tips. So you will need to remind to you husband what to do.
  5. You really need to understand what is inspiring you, when you is relaxing, when and where you really can recharge your battery.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. In every convenient cases.
  7. Soon the regime of the day will settle down and you will see when you have really busy, tough moments and when you can slow down and relax. Use these points of the rest and do not overwhelm yourself. Because overwhelming is absolutely unnecessary and even danger!!!
  8. Don’t forget about your personal growth. It can be you foundation, your recreation spot. It is sacred! Keep it untouched and undisturbed!

Maternity leave is a serious life challenge. It is struggle, it is a fight. But as result you can be a winner. and you can win and discover new talents, skills and hobbies. ML will certainly give you growth: psychological, mental and other benefits only if  you accept new challenge and use this opportunity wisely.