While you are in maternity leave you know, your routine changes drastically. Almost all of your time is spending on monotonous housework and baby care. From my experience I should say I love to take care about my children. But still, sometimes, just sometimes (ok often :)) I felt the need that my new life look a bit like (have a hint) the old one. Well I reconsidered some of my opportunities and discovered, that it can be done. There are several ways (methods) to do this.

But first, let’s talk about why do you may want to work in maternity leave? There may exist several reasons for that.

  1. You want to maintain the sharpness of thinking
  2. You do not want to forget your professional skills.
  3. You just need the extra-money.
  4. Or something

No matter what is your reasons are you have to understand: it is quite challenging. But working in maternity leave is concrete goal. And if you have the set goal, you just need to think over ways of achieving it. I have discovered some tips that helped me to fulfil my aim . Now I want to share it with you. Here we go:

  1. I became more organized
  2. I became more persistent  

3. I became more disciplined and, surprisingly, self-confident.

4. I think, I gain the idea of «marathon psychology». I felt this approach on myself. The main point is that I began to understand that for achieving great result I need to be patient. That is why I didn’t expect tangible results very fast. But I also understood that I shouldn’t give up because of little obstacles or problems.

5. You need to remember about proper rest. You need to recuperate fully for the accomplishments of the new day.

You can organise your work process smarter and save some of your efforts. There are several ways of work organisation.

  1. If you need to improve your theoretical knowledge you can listen to audiobooks or video lessons when you do your housework.
  2. You also can find remote job with flexible schedule
  3. From my experience I should say that it was the most convenient to work to me at the afternoon when my child was sleeping or early in the morning an hour before the awakening of my child.
  4. Over time I started working with my baby. When I knew that he can play by himself, I did some small tasks. Soon I noticed, that such approach is very practical.  It is necessary to understand, that now your life will go in parallel with a child’s life. Now you will do all your business in his presence, during his games or meals.
    But at the same time I did not want to separate from the baby. We did everything together. A lot of floor-time and games, just being together.
  5. Do not plan a lot for one iteration, reserve some time slots (15-20 minutes over)  for the amount of work that you want to do. Because with a child, unpredictability increases significantly.

As a Conclusion. Based on my personal experience, I should say that it’s real to organize your life and work with a child. But what is more valuable through toughness of maternity leave, I acquired priceless qualities such as:

  •   sense of time
  •   planning properly,
  •   grit
  •   ability to set specific goals
  •   understanding what I want and what I need
  •   ability to listen to others
  •   adapt quickly to circumstances and still be productive, i.e. spend time efficiently.

These qualities, I think, will be important always, at any place of work.