Sometimes we all feel exhausted because of overwhelming load of day-to-day routine. Work, home, children, relatives, neighbours, ets. But it is life. We all have to accept this challenge. We all have to deal with this, and maybe, make profit on it. Why not?


And what is the main problem with all this? What demotivates you? What is eating our mental strength? Right, boredom and overload. We understand it, but internally hate it. 


Involuntarily we want to make those rare minutes of free time brighter, longer. The everyday routine gets bleak and monotonous. 


As a result we get tired quickly, become nervous and unsatisfied by our life and ourselves. And this is very wrong.


I discovered this fundamental but simple life principle from my own experience. And now I want to share it with you.


So, why we become demotivated, lose our inspiration and drive for life?


Instinctively, we think that the way to fix this problem is to find your true passion, do all of the time what really you like. For example, you like read books. But you can’t earn money this way. And this principle is true for vast majority of people. 


I offer to rephrase main question: how try to gain joy from what you do every day?  


 How to get joy   or what is demotivating us


Feel the difference?


The basic difference is that life is quite challenging and so on. And life will be tough and hard time to time ALL OF THE TIME. But really, don’t pay attention to it. Because you, really, can do little about it.  Instead of it, try to focus on what you have gained, what success you have achieved, why  people appreciate you. 


Don’t count only on your passion. Because passion is a feeling. And feelings change! Today you like something, but tomorrow not.
Count on your real achievements and success in your work.  Because don’t forget, that passion is a fire that ignites when you start rubbing sticks together.


Don’t waste your time and energy, feverously trying to find chimerical “case of lifetime”. Let it be somewhere inside of your mind like back process. But spend your major resources solving concrete everyday problem. And, what is most important, understand  that you do is very valuable. 


Because, when you would solve concrete problems you would feel concrete results and feel success. Soon you will understand that your efforts are not in vain and that your actions are meaningful to someone. You will learn to respect yourself, your time, your efforts, become more organized and focus on concrete tasks.


Believe me, this principle is working. 


I remember myself in my early twenties. I was such a mess. I was depressed and basically have no life to speak of. But slowly I noticed, that I was gaining satisfaction and drive in my life when I solve concrete problems and saw the result, when I helped people, when I started praising myself even for  small achievements.


And now I catch my drive in my life. 🙂