This is quite complex term, isn’t it?

So, I want to analyse this basic life situation relying on theory from books, experience of people that I know and my own experience.

I often hear from people around me like myself, asking almost rhetorical question: “How to be productive and feel happy from what you do?”

It is really difficult and multifaceted question. But we need to, at least, try to answer to it. Because, in case of analysing, we will get some categories and reduce chaos and misunderstanding of this important aspect of our life. Because I often had asked this question to myself in my different difficult life situations, instinctively feeling that if I find some answers, my life and, what is more important, my perception of life will become easier.

The first time when I paid attention to this question was when I asked myself: «What is holding me back? Why i can’t be productive, why I can’t feel enough motivated, despite of my good physical health and convenient life without big problems?»

All these questions were practically the same for me. I started to read special literature on this topic, tried to recall and analyse what I had already known.  With time I understood, that the main feature united them is some psychological inner processes were proceeding inside of my mind. Some constant thoughts that were disturbing me all of the time.  I tried to stop and analyze them.

I identified several categories:

  • offense about past events
  • offense or grudge against some particular people
  • shame for some past actions
  • anxiety about future

if we look carefully at this list we can notice that our feeling cause our main trouble. You can retort: «We all know it!» But also we can  notice, that these irrational emotions are directed to the time periods, that or already had happened, or rather will happen. So there is no particular useful point to torture yourself by these mental states.

It was shock for me  when I had realized that. And I understood that basically there is no rational reason for my psychological inner  tension that was the main cause of my weakness and lack of motivation. I tried to diminish or even eliminate these destructive thoughts.

Of course, it is hard work that gives results not momentally. But at least, I had gut feeling that I moved in right direction. I started to explain to myself that these thoughts are irrational and destructive, that they are eating my mental strength, that my life are passed away without joy. And very soon I began to realize, that I felt less anxious and more motivated and inspired to create something new and useful for my family, friends and myself.