Sometimes I ask myself a rhetorical question: How to manage stress? Because, I think, our life becomes very fast and nervous. We need to perform so many tasks everyday!

For me, answering for this question, means thoughtfulness and deep analysis. It seems simple and complex at the same time. I was analysing and still analyze this because I face new obstacles every day.

From my experience, I could crystallize 2 types of stress:

  • good. This type of stress energize me, bring me motivation and inspires me. For example: new challenges. I told myself, that I want to learn English. And I perceived this like self-challenge, self-call. Another example: I understood, that I want to organize clearly my life and regime of my family. Because without it, we were in some kind of mental and existence swamp (болото)
  • bad stress. This type usually completely takes me out of my feets, zaps all my mental energy and so on. For example: disorganization. Another example: too much work, that just overloads me sometime. This often unpredictable, but still solves by organization.  

First amazing feature that I discovered about stress, is that sometimes I managed to turn bad stress into good. And in that case we usually says, that person took a lesson from life. But you can understand by your mind all theory why you were stressed and overwhelmed and still do not feel alleviation (облегчение, смягчение).

So, how do I usually manage my daily stress?

  1. Daily  get enough sleep, must-have!  eat healthy, do not be caught by mind traps and repetitive boring actions that cause stupidity. Hobby, that can recharge my batteries fast or calm me down: piano. Communicating or chatting with someone. DO NOT TRY TO DO A LOT OF TASKS IN one day. there are only 24 hours in day.
  2. Weekly weekend with my family and kids playing, laughing and doing crazy things. must-have.  Planning future week
  3. Monthly Full day just for myself. Review my plans and achievements. Re-adjust if necessary.